Join 40 Heart Disease Doctors & Experts as They Reveal The Huge Cholesterol Myth & What 'Big Pharma' Prefer You Never Knew About What Actually Causes Heart Disease

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Episode Schedule

  • Aug 1st - Episode 1: The Truth About Fat – Learn the shocking true story about eating fat and learn about 'The Greatest Fraud in Medical History'.

  • Aug 1st - Episode 2: The Cholesterol Myth of Heart Disease – Listen to the surprising story never told about the brilliance of cholesterol.

  • Aug 1st - Episode 3: Statins - Friend of Foe – Exposed: the disturbing truth about the 18 Billion dollar cholesterol lowering empire.

  • Aug 1st - Episode 4: The True Cause of Heart Disease – Discover what the latest science clearly shows are the real drivers of Heart Disease.

  • Aug 1st - Episode 5: The Danger of Fish Oil – Beware of the dangers of fish and vegetable oils and there direct link to heart attacks.

  • Aug 1st - Episode 6: Diabetes – How to beat diabetes and slash your heart disease risk at the same time.

  • Aug 1st - Episode 7: Food Addiction – Why our modern food environment creates FOOD CRAVINGS more powerful than a cocaine addiction!

  • Aug 1st - Episode 8: Blood Pressure – Your step-by-step guide to understanding the ROOT CAUSE of high blood pressure and safe, proven treatments to reverse it.

  • Aug 1st - Episode 9: The Food/Diet Cure – Discover over 18 of the most powerful food, herbs and supplements for avoiding heart disease.

Discover the Secret Behind Why Heart Disease Was Extremely Rare Just 100 Years Ago

In the early 1900's heart attacks were virtually unheard of. Yet Today Heart Disease kills more people each year than all forms of Cancer combined, why? By watching this series you're about to discover that the answers have been known since the 1970's but be intentionally suppressed from public knowledge, until now...

The Untold Story of Heart Disease is the most comprehensive program for addressing Heart Disease naturally you'll find anywhere. The series features over 40 cardiologists, doctors, scientists, researchers, naturopaths, chiropractors and patients bolding speaking out, revealing how to avoid Heart Disease in all its forms.

The series covers important topics that affect us all, such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attacks, strokes, erectile dysfunction, peripheral artery disease, heart failure, atrial fibrillation and more.

Also, you’ll receive companion guide learning aids that go with each episode to make it easy to go back to any of the episodes and quickly recap the information you want.

And you’ll get a few other FREE GIFTS, such as our heart healthy cook book, top 50 heart foods book and more which we'll reveal soon, so be sure to watch out for these.

You’ll also hear from regular people who've had dramatic Heart Disease recoveries, cheating death and regaining vibrant health.

This was the result of natural preventions and lifestyle changes that Big Pharma corporations and food companies don’t want you to know about!

You’ll also hear about my own journey with cancer, elevated blood pressure, joint pain, tinitus, reflux and many other ailments, and what I did to change my life and make sure it would never haunt me again. Follow me as I go around the world to get direct access to life-saving information on Heart Disease that most people will never have.

Thanks to the valuable insights you’ll get from this revolutionary series, you’ll able to achieve the following:

  • Heart Attacks & Strokes – Finally understand what actually causes fatal heart attacks and strokes. Its not what most people think. In fact some of the most dangerous foods for heart disease are the very ones we're encourged to consume more of!

  • Blood Pressure – often we're told the cause of high blood pressure is unknown and the only course of action is a drug. But is this true? Why is that many holistic practitioners get incredible results by simply addressing the underlying cause. In this series you'll discover what causes high blood pressure and learn how to manage it naturally.

  • Diabetes - Diabetes is potentially the most dangerous risk factor for heart disease. A diabetics blood chemistry is dangerously altered that can lead to fatal blood clots. Far too long we've been side tracked to focus on cholesterol, when many experts have been warning us blood sugar is far more dangerous. In this series you'll learn how to support your body to beat diabetes!

  • Cholesterol - By far the most misunderstood topic in all of health is cholesterol. We've been told it's a major driver of heart disease, but as you'll hear in this series, many experts are not convinced. They claim cholesterol in its natural state is not a problem, however certain environmental and dietary factors can damage cholesterol in the blood leading to problems. And in this series you'll learn precisely what these factors are so you can avoid them.

  • Weight Loss - Learn the truth about weight loss. Forget about dieting, and strenous exercise regimes, you'll never out run a bad diet. Featuring in this series are weight loss experts that have successfully helped 10's of 1000's of people lose weight and keep it off. They reveal the flawed approaches of low carb, fad diets, counting calories etc... and reveal what actually drives obesity.

Learn How To Avoid Heart Disease Naturally. Without Nasty Side Effects or Potentially Dangerous Surgery & Live the Vibrant & Energetic Life You're Destined To Live!

This is the best time for you to take your health back and learn the proven methods from leading health and wellness experts from around the globe.

Take advantage of this opportunity and get exclusive access to life-saving information that most people will never have.

This is crucial knowledge that could help you address high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attacks and strokes, while supercharging your immune system and raising your energy levels through the roof!

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