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Discover The Big Heart Disease Cover Up That Greedy Food & Drug Companies Hope You Never Find Out...

And learn how the Government and Medical Establish Are Still Allowing it to Happen...

You've been lied to about heart disease...

...that includes high cholesterol and blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes and more...

The true story you're about to hear is one of greed, bad politics, flawed science and down right bullying...

You'll learn how greedy profit driven food companies with the pharmaceutical industry in support, pulled off one of the biggest heists in human history...

...using deceptive marketing, back handed trickery and fake science to fool us all...

...and also learn how the American Heart Association allowed it to happen...

They've intentionally hidden the facts from us, and now its all being exposed...

Even if You Think You're Safe This Silent Killer Could Take You Down

Most people have no idea they're a ticking time bomb

You might be tempted to think "my cholesterol is perfect, I'm safe", and ignore this message, that would be a mistake...'s an alarming fact...

50% of heart attack victims have NORMAL cholesterol levels could have perfect cholesterol numbers, feel fine, and still suddenly drop dead from a heart attack!

It happens everyday...more often than most people realise too...

And if you follow the 'corrupted' advice of mainstream medicine there's a good chance your blood vessels could be slowly closing over right now, putting you on a collision course for a terrifying 'widow maker' heart attack.

Not to mention the risk of heart attacks rises sharply past age 40...

And if you’re a diabetic it's much more serious, heart attack and stroke risk rises 400%!

Infact even if you don't have full blown diabetes you could still be in trouble...

...even a slight elevation in blood sugar and a few extra pounds around the waistline and you could have metabolic syndrome, placing you in the danger zone.

Whistle Blowers Finally Speak Out

My name is Matt Carter, I'm an investigative film producer...

...and I spent two years travelling the world in search for the truth about heart disease.

I personally interviewed whom I believe to be 40 of the world's leading cardiologists, doctors, scientists and researchers on heart disease.

And I'll show you how to learn directly from all of them in a moment.

Honest folks without an agenda, that are not backed by Big Pharma...

Nor are they funded by large food corporations...

...who reveal simple, yet highly effective, non-drug, non-surgical methods that almost eliminate ALL forms of Heart Disease...

Such as:

  • Heart Attacks

  • Strokes

  • High Blood Pressure

  • High Cholesterol

  • Erectile Dsyfunction

  • Atrial Fibrillation

  • Peripheral Artery name a few...

You'll even also hear from survivor Fred Pauser who used these very techniques to avoid open heart surgery and completely REVERSE his heart disease without any medications!

Meet The Experts

Join me as I travel around the world interviewing who I believe to be the best cardiologists, doctors, researchers, scientists, and survivors as they reveal their secrets to avoiding heart disease!

Dr. Mark Hyman
Medical Doctor

Dr Stephen Sinatra

Dr Jack Wolfson

Dr William Davis

J.J. Virgin
Nutrition & Fitness Expert

Dr Mimi Guarneri

Dr Howard Elkin

Dr Tom O'Bryan

Dr Alan Christianson
Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Dr. Decker Weiss

Dr Mark Houston
Medical Doctor (Hypertension Expert)

Prof David Diamond

Dr Matthew Buddoff
Medical Doctor

Dr Cate Shannahan
Medical Doctor

Nina Teicholz

Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D
Founder of Bright Line Eating

Dr John Bergman
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Jonny Bowden

Dr Stepanie Seneff

Ari Whitten
Author, Fat Loss & Nutrition Expert

Dr Peter Osborne
Doctor of Pastoral Science

Dr. Roopa Chari
Medical Doctor

Dr Chris Zaino
Doctor of Chiropractic

Professor Brian Peskin

Sayer Ji
Founder of GreenMedInfo

Dr. Felice Gersh
Medical Doctor

Dr Thomas Cowan
Medical Doctor

Ty Bollinger
Documentary Film Maker

Dr Kenneth Pelletier
Medical Doctor

Dr. Leo Galland
Medical Doctor

Dr Daniel Pompa
Dr of Chiropractic

Razi Berri

Gosia Kuszewski

Dr Heidi Hanna
Ph.D. Holistic Nutrition

Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo
Dr of Chiropractic

Dr Peter Langsjeon

Dr Jill Baron
Medical Doctor

Dr Jayson Calton

Fred Pauser

Mira Calton

Dr Sylvia Tara

Donna Gates

Joseph Antoun

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9 Episodes of The Untold Story of Heart Disease Docuseries

PLUS get the free report The Surprizing Truth About Fat & Cholesterol

Here’s a Quick Overview of the Episodes:

Episode 1 (74 mins)The Big Fat Cover Up: The 'Dominating' Ego that Wrecked America's Health for Over 50 Years.

You’ll hear the shocking but true story of how the 'low fat' theory of heart disease came about. When most people hear this story their reaction is often 'how could this possibly happen?'

Many experts claim the low fat diet advice for avoiding heart disease could be responsible for tens of millions of deaths across the world.

Episode 2 (71 mins) Cholesterol: The Greatest Fraud in Medical History

Learn the truth about cholesterol that's being hidden from us. We've been bombarded with messages of how BAD cholesterol is, but is this true?

Afterall Cholesterol is easily one of the most important molecules in the body without it we would die.

Episode 3 (68 mins) Statin Crazy: A Humanatarian Crisis

In episode three we take a close look at the widespread use of statins for lowering cholesterol. A class of drug that generates 19 Billion dollars a year for Big Pharma.

Should anyone take a statin to stop their liver performing a function it needs to do? Afterall low cholesterol has been linked to cancer, dimentia, alzheimers, drepression and suicide!

Episode 4 (79 mins) The True Cause of Heart Disease: The Truth, The Lies & The Deadly Deception

Learn the true causes of Heart Disease. Most people have no idea of these hidden dangers. Who’s profiting from your they fooled the senate, and the shocking stories of power and betrayal.

Episode 5 (65 mins) The Danger of Killer Foods: Learn How to Protect Yourself & Your Family

In episode five we tackle the controversial topic of fish and vegetable oils. You’ll be shocked to learn what unbias research reveals, and how big money, poor science and crooked politicians covered it up.

There’s a disturbing link between these oils that can cause them to become lethal.

Episode 6 (70 mins) The Blood Sugar Tragedy: Three Simple Rules to Beat Diabetes

Diabetics have a wildly elevated risk of Heart Disease and we explore how high blood glucose causes damage to blood vessels leading to potentially deadly clots.

Learn what the latest science shows on how to protect you and your family from diabetic heart attacks and developing diabetes.

Episode 7 (76 mins) Food Addiction: How They Get You Hooked

Food addiction isn't your fault. You're about to discover the dirty tricks greedy food manufacturers use to affect our brain chemistry, driving us to overeat foods that cause obesity and Heart Disease.

Many people falsely believe that dieting and burning calories is the answer to weight loss, but as you're about to discover this is possibly the worst advice imaginable...

Episode 8 (63 mins) Beat High Blood Pressure & Feel 20 Years Younger

Discover the ROOT CAUSE of high blood pressure, and learn of hidden dangers, such as how a toxic metal could be leaching into your mouth and destroying your arteries.

You'll also hear how BP meds could be stripping your body’s ability to absorb vitamins - leaving you open to a wide variety of diseases. And discover how to naturally lower your BP, while fighting the free-radicals that cause heart disease.

Episode 9 (61 mins) The Power of Nutrition

Mainstream medicine doesn’t like to harness the power of nature, because natural compounds can't be patented for profit. Instead they attempt to create copy-cat drugs modelled off nature, that never work as well, and often with harmful side-effects.

You'll receive a library of information about special herbs, spices and foods that have dramatic impacts on heart disease...without the side effects.

What if There’s a Better Way?

It's high time we get to the TRUTH...

...about heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, and all problems related to our blood vessels.

I personally interviewed over 40 cardiologists, doctors scientists and researchers who tell a very different story about heart disease.

They're blowing the whistle, and exposing the lies of mainstream medicines greedy profit driven agenda.

This has nothing to do with a new drug, or some dangerous surgical procedure.

The Heart Disease Fix Big Pharma Don't Want You Knowing

The truth is there is a way to avoid heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and cholesterol...

And its not as simple as just diet and exercise, that advice just leads to people being hungry all the time and frustrated.

There is however a set of specific lifestyle shifts that when done properly can bring your body into a state of balance and wellbeing quickly.

Without being hungry...

Without needing to go to the gym...

Quick and Immediate Relief

The experts you're about to hear from get staggering results, plummeting blood pressure, slashing heart attack and stroke risk...NATURALLY

...they taught me dozens upon dozens of things I'd never heard of from my regular doctor...

...such as the vital role that SUN LIGHT plays in 'charging' our arteries like a battery, so blood flows more freely, avoiding blockages that cause heart attacks...

...potent botanicals that get amazing results for lowering blood pressure, without the side effects...

How to strengthen blood vessels so they don't crack and bleed, which is what stroke is.

But what really got my attention was when they clearly pointed out, with the science to prove it, what ACTUALLY CAUSES heart disease.

While we've been obsessed with fat and cholesterol, these real causes have been ignored...

...because if uncovered it would expose 'Big Pharma' and 'Big Food'.

...but you have a right to know the truth, so now I want to share their message with you...

What Makes The Untold Story of Heart Disease Different?

  • It Gets To The Root Cause of Heart Disease – Instead of merely masking the symptoms with prescription drugs, you’ll learn how to identify and treat the underlying issues.

  • 40 of The Best Experts in One Place – We’ve gathered what we believe are world leading health and heart disease experts in one place. That means you’ll get the most objective, unbiased advice possible so you can create a lifestyle that supports your goals. Their mission is to arm you with the knowledge needed to destroy the biggest threats to your health!

  • We’ll Help You Take Concrete Action – How many times have you read a book or watched a documentary and wanted to change something in your life… but never actually did anything about it? One of the core strengths of this program is that it’s more than a documentary series. It’s a holistic system that’s going to propel you into taking action so you can get tangible results.

FREE access to the first
9 Episodes of The Untold Story of Heart Disease Docuseries

PLUS get the free report The Surprizing Truth About Fat & Cholesterol