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Replay Weekend

  • Episode 1

    The Big Fat Cover Up

  • Episode 2

    Cholesterol: The Surprising Story Never Told

  • Episode 3

    Statin Crazy: Friend or Foe?

  • Episode 4

    The True Cause of Heart Disease

  • Episode 5

    Killer Foods, and Toxic Killers

  • Episode 6

    Overcoming Diabetes & Hope for Change

  • Episode 7

    The Powerful Effects of Food Addiction

  • Episode 8

    High Blood Pressure Decoded

  • Episode 9

    The Power of Nutrition for a Thriving Disease Free Life

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So What is The Untold Story of Heart Disease?

The Untold Story of Heart Disease is an incredible package that offers so much more than just a simple docuseries. It's a Complete Implementation System that gives people all the tools they need to effortlessly transform their health and avoid heart disease. 

Heart disease covers many important topics, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes, heart attacks, erectile dysfunction, heart failure and more. These conditions combined effect well over 50% of the US alone!

If the average age of your audience is over 60, these topics are HIGH priority for them, dramatically affecting their quality of life.

The system includes:

  • x9 60 minute episodes

  • 1 Bonus episode

  • Heart Healthy cook book - 50 recipes

  • Companion guides for each episode

  • Cardiovascular testing guide

  • Heart health supplementation guide

  • Top 50 foods for Heart Disease guide

Customers will be given the choice of three options… the digital, physical or both. The digital package has a substantial discount on it and is the most affordable option at $99.95.

The Physical Option includes 10 DVD’s & 3 Bound Books all beautifully packaged together in a sturdy & attractive box. This package also includes instant digital access to the full program in the online members area. This package has proven to be very popular and at $199.95 your 50% commission is substantial!

The Combo Option includes full access to the online members are and the full physical package. This is another attractive option at $199.95 and you will still receive your 50% commission.

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